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Introducing System Integration

Companies with multiple systems have data in different places. The ability to manage these independent processes and ensure consistency of information between the field and office can be a struggle.

Volumes of data continue to grow as more is being collected from remote workers, clients, machinery and third parties. An integrated system streamlines and simplifies processes for easy management.

mWorkerCIS, our Tablet and Smartphone-based form solution, has a user-friendly approach to help businesses understand and introduce integration into their current systems.

Export with Ease

Let’s say an installer needs certain information from the CRM to complete their job. Information from the CRM can be exported as an Excel file and automatically converted into a mWorkerCIS task. These pre-populate data in mWorkerCIS can save the installer time.

The data for pre-filled tasks can come from any 3rd party system such as an ERP, Work management, CRM, etc. This process can be automated before the user shows up to the job location.

The data can be processed, and the form can be created and assigned to a particular person at any set time and date. As a result, the custom form (with relevant data) is instantly in the hands of the user when needed.

Field data can be pushed back to Reports and Dashboards in real-time and sent back to the CRM or any third-party system.

Installers can avoid reentering values into the form and this cuts down on time to manually create a job. A completed form can even trigger a newly assigned task. Managers can track when the form is sent and completed, improving operational visibility.

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Quit Manual Work, Automate Form Creation

Conditional sections help navigate the form and show users relevant parts of the form based on the job.

For example, a building inspection may require a health and safety check in the kitchen for that specific day. The sections to check the sitting room and hallway won’t appear. These concise and simplified forms can be specific to the assigned jobs, improving user efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

It is time-consuming to transfer data between different systems. Especially if your company has growing volumes of data, it may be difficult to keep all systems and people up-to-date.

Don’t waste time on manually extracting data from one system to another. With an integrated system, we automate the process of passing data, thus, data can travel much quicker.

Any changes in the CRM will automatically transfer and be seen in the mWorkerCIS form. Workers don’t have to worry about manually restarting or recreating a form. As a result, teams can be more informed on recent developments and proactive in their decision making.

Any new information added or changed in the CRM will show up in an mWorkerCIS form.

In the past, we’ve integrated with systems such as CRM (various types), Northgate Housing Management System, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Excel and more.

“For a few years, the complexity of an integrated system was difficult. We knew the integration was a large undertaking; it was new technology we hadn’t used. Ultan Technologies were able to come in and promptly deliver an integrated solution.”

– Housing Association, Northgate Integration

Ultan Technologies work collaboratively with a variety of clients, constantly adapting the system and integration capabilities to the client’s future and current processes.

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