A Success: SEAI Energy Show 2023


A Success: The SEAI 2023 Energy Show

The #EnergyShow23 was a great event that allowed us to connect with many of our current customers. We were thrilled to see the Pinergy and SEAI exhibits and talks, in many cases, using data gathered through our software. These exhibits not only were indicators of the capabilities of our software but also served as inspiration for us to continue innovating and improving our products and services.

Visited by Ossian Smyth, TD, Minister of State at Government of Ireland

In addition to reconnecting with existing customers, we also met with new potential customers.

We had the chance to discuss their energy needs and how our software could help them achieve their goals. These connections were not just limited to business discussions but also included personal conversations about shared interests and hobbies.

It was heartening to see how the event brought together people from different backgrounds and industries, united in their commitment to sustainable energy.

We are excited at the prospect of being involved in more sustainable energy decision-making, initiatives, and projects in the future as a result of this event.

As we look to the future, we are optimistic that the connections we made at the event will lead to exciting opportunities and partnerships. We are excited to see what the future holds, both within our own organisation and for other organisations inspired by the event. We believe that the #EnergyShow23 was not just a one-time event but rather the beginning of a long and fruitful journey towards a more sustainable future.

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