mWorkerCIS Feature Update: Data Collection Without User Licenses


mWorkerCIS Feature Update: Data Collection From Workers On Site without Assigning User Licences

The rise of daily changing workforces has made it difficult and expensive to gather detailed individual data at scale and speed.

However, mWorkerCIS offers a solution for companies with high volumes of regularly changing users.

How Does It Work

By using our QR Code feature, users can scan the QR code with any mobile device and complete the form on their browser, automatically pushing the data into a system dashboard for easy reporting and analysis. 

New Feature Benefits

This time-saving feature makes it easy for people to report on small details too. A company may want a form that can be accessed quickly from non-users to report on data that can be analysed and used on KPI dashboards! 

Plus, mWorkerCIS can take dashboard information and compile and send scheduled reports to teams, email notifications, push data to third party apps and systems (ie. SharePoint) and trigger alerts based on any workflow required.

The dashboards are customizable and can be used for various purposes, such as safety observation in the construction industry.

What Does It Look Like In Action?

For example, on busy construction sites anyone can spot a negative observance and easily report it with the QR Scan. This alerts the responsible contractor or manager and increases workplace safety within a few clicks! No app download needed. QR codes on pieces of equipment and plant can be easily used to complete a form with regards to that plant – for example, a weekly vehicle inspection form could be quickly initiated for any vehicle on site – and this form would be pre-filled with relevant vehicle detail, saving the worker a lot of time.

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