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SensorCIS Feature Update: Excel Reporting


The Challenge of Data Management

Until now, our clients faced the tedious  task of manually gathering, exporting, and organising utility data. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, making it challenging for organisations to effectively track and manage their energy consumption.

Excel Reporting: A Game Changer

We are thrilled to announce the new Excel Reporting feature in SensorCIS, a solution tailored to make energy data management effortless and more efficient. This feature supports organisations looking to customise their data reporting and analysis.

Key Features of Excel Reporting in SensorCIS

  • Customizable Excel Templates: Add your templates to the system, allowing for personalised data organisation and presentation.
  • Flexible Data Selection: Specify which meter to extract data from, tailoring the report to your specific needs.
  • Time Period Selection: Choose the time frame for data extraction, ensuring relevance and accuracy in reporting.
  • Scheduled Reporting: Set up regular intervals for your Excel reports, automating the data compilation process.
  • Dynamic Data Utilisation: Use the extracted data to create insightful charts, detailed tables, generate invoices for sub-tenants, and track performance against KPIs.
  • Alert-Triggered Reporting: Configure the system to use specific Excel templates when an alert is triggered, ensuring immediate and relevant data analysis.

Cost Awareness and Sustainability

For the finance team (CFOs, budget department) seeking a comprehensive view of their organisation’s energy expenses, the Excel Reporting feature in SensorCIS is a vital tool. This feature not only tracks energy usage but also translates this data into financial costs. CFOs can utilise this to compare current expenditures against previous weeks, months, or even years, gaining critical insights into spending patterns and potential areas for cost reduction.

The customizable nature of the Excel templates in SensorCIS allows for detailed financial reports including comparative analyses of energy expenditures. This enables CFOs to forecast and budget to predict future costs based on historical data, and identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for cost-saving measures. This level of detail is crucial for effective budget management and financial planning.

Costs can be examined at a different granular levels – Quarter-Hourly up to Annually.

It fosters a culture of cost-awareness and sustainability, aligning energy consumption with financial goals. Lastly, by highlighting the financial impact of energy usage, it encourages the implementation of energy-efficient practices, leading to long-term financial and environmental benefits.

SensorCIS’s Excel Reporting feature is more than a tool for monitoring utility usage; it’s an integral part of a strategic financial management system that drives cost efficiency and promotes sustainable growth.

Transforming the Way Our Clients Work

Our major clients, including most of our prominent users, have already experienced the benefits and impact. It has served a diverse range of clients, including Griffin Hotels, Keelings, SEAI, and Longford Westmeath, in achieving their energy efficiency goals. We have already streamlined their workflows and provided a deeper insight into their utility management, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Join the Revolution in Energy Management

We invite you to experience the efficiency and ease of the Excel Reporting feature. With SensorCIS, you’re not just managing utilities; you’re paving the way for a more sustainable future.

For more information and to see how SensorCIS can improve your organisation’s energy management, talk to our team today.