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SensorCIS for Efficient Water Management: A Case Study at a Hospital


SensorCIS for Efficient Water Management: A Case Study at a Hospital

Unchecked Water Leaks and Increased Costs

Prior to the implementation of SensorCIS, the hospital faced challenges in effectively monitoring and managing its water usage. The absence of detailed data on water flow and consumption patterns made it difficult to identify inefficiencies and potential leaks, leading to unchecked water wastage and increased operational costs.

Within one week of installing a new energy management system, the energy management team noticed a problem – the dashboards indicated a 20% discrepancy in water usage.

The data from the Utility Water Meter showed a consumption of 685m³, whereas the Water Storage Tank Incoming only accounted for 548m³, with no record in the Water Storage Tank Bypass. This discrepancy was evident during low-usage hours (2am-4am), suggesting a significant leak in the system.

Pipe Route Investigation and Financial Savings

SensorCIS’s detailed monitoring capabilities allowed for a precise identification of the leak. Following the discovery, the hospital’s facilities and maintenance team conducted a thorough investigation, which included reviewing pipe layouts and inspecting accessible areas. This proactive approach enabled the team to quickly locate and address the leak.

Post-implementation, the leak was successfully mitigated. The hospital recorded a significant reduction in unaccounted water loss, translating to substantial cost savings.

The detection of the leak accounted for 10-13% of total water usage, leading to an annual saving of approximately €10,197 to €12,746, based on the current water rates.

The graph above from SensorCIS provides clear evidence of the issue. Figure 1 illustrated the persistent discrepancy between the water entering the hospital (blue) and the amount reaching the storage tank (yellow).

Some details of the set up and work are simplified in this case study for ease of understanding.

This SensorCIS dashboard breaks down energy usage drops - weekly, daily and hourly.
SensorCIS dashboard shows a significant drop in energy usage within weeks.

The integration of SensorCIS at the hospital serves as an example of how technology can help in the efficient management of utilities. The system’s timely ability to identify and quantify a significant water leak demonstrates its value as a tool for cost-saving and resource conservation.

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