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Help senior management and Energy Performance Officers (EPOs) measure and improve on their energy efficiency and monitor other utility usage.

“How can management and my team quickly measure energy use and energy savings?”

Monitor multiple energy-using assets in real time. Immediately receive usage reports for management.

Monitor multiple energy-using assets in real time. Immediately receive usage reports and display energy savings for management.

“I want to know when too much or too little energy is being used as both could point to a problem.”

Alerts can notify any team of unusual spikes. Forecast and predict usage trends and energy costs for scenario planning.

Alerts can notify a team of unusual usage figures. Machine Learning algorithms will eliminate false alerts.

“I need help deciding, planning and financing energy efficiency projects and tasks.”

Streamline and verify bills, rates and usage. Spot cost saving opportunities and track finances on real time dashboards.

Streamline and verify bills, rates and usage. Spot cost saving opportunities, and track finances on real time dashboards.

 From electricity, gas and water usage to indoor air quality, the range of our intuitive SensorCIS technology only grows. 

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Roscommon County Council Case Study - Energy efficiency

Morris Mulhearn, Executive Engineer

“…system is much more than an energy reporting tool. It provides all the necessary energy data in one location and helps to visualise and communicate both progress to date and targets still to achieve”

Kieran Brassil, Energy Assistant at UCD

“…the system has been very useful in giving a strategic perspective to our energy efficiency goals. It helps you see what’s happening and enables you to easily communicate your progress, particularly with features like scorecard and glide-path, to show whether you are ahead or behind energy efficiency improvements targets.”

UCD Case study - energy efficiency


Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) proactive engagement to improve energy performance is recorded through the online national energy monitoring system (M&R) system. The M&R system is based on SensorCIS software, which provides support and development for SEAI and allows the general public to instantly track the energy efficiency in public buildings and its progress, savings and details of any energy-saving projects of any public body in multiple graphical formats.


energy efficiency in public buildings - interreg europe example
energy efficiency in public buildings mobile example

SEAI presented the M&R program to the Interregional partners of the EMPOWER project who were impressed with the system. The Irish program is now published in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform Good Practice Database.

SEAI asked Ultan Technologies, the company behind SEAI’s Monitoring & Reporting tool, to develop software to help EPOs and others quickly gather the required information and help assessors report on the aggregate data of existing buildings. The team of software and energy experts promptly developed the Building Register;

"The Building Register system, which was developed by Ultan Technologies, had to be put in place over a short timeframe to meet specific project needs and demands. The team were able to deliver a functioning solution and associated supports in time to meet our project requirements and thus enabled the project to gather the data in a more effective and efficient manner. The system developed has provided the flexibility and functionality required to meet the varied needs of the end users."
Seamus Hoyne
Head of Development and Public Engagement at Limerick Institute of Technology and
in partnership with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

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